24-Hour Orienteering Relay
Dubenec, CZ

The race is scheduled for 2023

This year will be the 24-hours relays in Germany. We are planning the race on 3 to 4 June.

Map „Swing“ June -20

Warm up race. Classic individual day and night orienteering for youth, adults and veterans. You can build a team, add up the times of individuals and win the entry fee for 2022!

We are relocating the race to 2022

Due to the current situation with the pandemic coronavirus we decided not to organize the race this year. At least not in the form we were preparing and probably you were expecting. But... because we do not like to give up things, we think of a backup version for the May - June period.

Next year will be in 24 hours again in Germany and we would continue with the classic version the following year.

You can test terrain and your shape in the training race.

The map will cover 8.5 km²

The quality of the previous map (Houpačka 1996) was perfect. An experienced team of map makers  is working on the new map:  Horký, Borovička, Cigoš, Kurfürst, Lehmann – a German who specializes in maps for 24-hour races.

Map Houpačka Halda 1996

We have obtained all the permits

It is certain that the race will take place. We have all the necessary permits and we are arranging the arena, parking etc.

The arena will be located in a meadow in the middle of the forest. So there will not be any boring compulsory sections… The parking and the arena are connected by a good road with minimum elevation, and the distance is 800m. It should not be a problem to take everything you need to the arena.

Arena next to the forest

The forest reservoir will come in handy in hot weather