24-Hour Orienteering Relay
Dubenec, CZ

Map „Swing“ June -20

The main race. Classic individual day and night orienteering for youth, adults and
veterans. You can build a team, add up the times of individuals and win the entry fee
for 2022!


Orienteering club of the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague


Saturday 20 June 2020


Dubenec (district of Příbram), parking: 49.6975194N, 14.1004017E


Individual day orienteering Covid-race for youth, adults and veterans starting at intervals.

Individual night orienteering Covid-race starting at intervals.

The races take place according to the valid rules of orienteerig. If you meet the conditions of TEAM 24 o-run within the individual race, we will include your results in the total "relay" race.


Day courses: T4 - 4 km,T5 - 5 km, T6 - 6 km, T7 - 7 km

Night courses: T4 - 4 km, NT5 - 5 km, T6 - 6 km, NT7 - 7 km, T4 and T6 are identical to day courses

Youth courses: K2, K3, K3,5, K4, these courses equal to regular M10, W12, M12, W14 and are available for day, dusk or night run.

TEAM 24 o-run for 6 competitors with 2 women and one veteran/youth at minimum. The best results from all six courses – T4, T5, T6, T7, NT5, NT7 – will be added up into the total time of each team. The team with the best total time will be the winner. T4 and T6 courses that are listed for both day and night race can be completed at day or nighttime. Daytime runners can run different courses at night, but no one is allowed to run the same course twice.

Youth TEAM 24 o-run for the team from 4 to 6 runners from maximum MW14 class with minimum 2 girls and 2 MW12 or younger competitors. The best results from all courses will be added up into the total time of each team. The team with the best total time will be the winner. Daytime runners can run different courses at night, but no one is allowed to run the same course twice.


Houpačka, scale 1:10 000, contour interval 5 m.

Mapping date: spring 2020.

Mappers: Milan Borovička, Roman Horký, Petr Cigoš, Pavel Kurfürst. Standard ISOM 2017.

The map is A4 format, laser printed, without waterproof protection.


Undulating, diversely vegetated terrain with medium density of roads. Large part of the area includes specific terrain details and stones.


The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used.


From 11 AM to 6 PM for day courses (00 = 11 AM)

From 9 PM to midnight for night courses (00 = 9 PM = 21:00)


Parking – start: 1000 m
Finish – parking: 0 m


By Wednesday 10th June 2020 11:59:59 PM via ORIS (course registration) and in addition you need to sign up to preliminary on-line start list:

Those who are interested in day courses need first to sign up to day courses start list and then register via ORIS

Accordingly those interested in night courses need first to sign up to night courses start listand then register via ORIS , the reason being limited capacity per class.

Day courses are starting at 3-minutes intervals with max 120 runners capacity per class. Night courses are starting at 2-minutes intervals with 90 runners capacity per class.

To sign up to TEAM 24 o-run just put a note with your team name into your individual registration at ORIS. Please fill in the team name and details in the form below.

If the start list is full and you need to register or, you have any other question… just send us a note prihlasky@fspraha.cz


By 10 June

Adults - 150 CZK

Youth (MW10, MW12, MW14) - 80 CZK

From 10 to 17 June

Adults - 2000 CZK

Youth (MW10, MW12, MW14) - 120 CZK

Entries apply by individual / course. For TEAM race no extra fee is applied. Payements are due Monday 17 June 2020.

Bank account number: 162614339/0800. Foreign competitors can pay in cash on the spot.


On-line only https://live.24ob.cz/. Winners of TEAM 24 o-runs will receive a voucher for a free entry fee in the postponed 24OB race in 2022. All participating teams will receive eco-friendly cups to be picked-up at other races.


We organize the race in the regime of epidemiological measures:

Arrive - run - leave - enjoy the results on-line J

Please, come to your start time, run your course and don't group unnecessarily. Mobile toilets with disinfection will be ready for you in the parking lot, refreshment excluded. There will be no registration office on the spot, only a few organizers to organize start and finish areas, disinfection of the toilets, etc. Near the parking lot there is a nice natural reservoir for swimming.

The race will take place according to the currently valid covid-measures.


Ondřej Skripnik, +420 737 372 573

Pavel Kurfürst, info@fspraha.cz, +420 728 323 038


Event director: Ondřej Skripnik

Main referee: Karel Nitsch

Course planner: Pavel Kurfürst